Question came up today at Floral City about “can we e-file prior year returns?”

We can efile current year and two prior tax years. To be safe, we had the TP mail the returns, which in this case was good. I called CCH tonight, and the rep said that at the moment prior year returns are not being accepted due to an unresolved issue, and that if we would have tried to e-file, we would have gotten an error message. She said CCH is expecting to resolve this issue soon, and that an announcement would probably be posted on their blog at that time.
We also had numerous returns that when we tried to create the e-file, it was not allowed, and the status was “E-file not created”. Sometimes multiple e-file tries and much waiting time worked, sometimes not.

Also, every few minutes try using F5 to refresh so the system does not time out.

Also a reminder about persons filing just for identity theft reasons. If they $0 AGI, the system will not allow you to e-file. Insert $1 directly on Page 1, Line 8 Taxable Interest, and the return will e-file.


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