Results from our first week of tax work: 100 efiles.

Some resources for you to use:

    • -Check out the other links tab on the menu bar. These online tools are very good. Please familiarize yourself with ACA Affordability Calculator and the Florida Silver/Bronze Plan Calculator.
    • The DROPBOX tab links to a location where you can download files.
    • Download: 03.ACA Workflow.pdf  This file will give you a logical way to approach how to determine if health insurance is affordable or not.
    • When using the ACA worksheet in TWO, if you check a box for ANY month, that means a penalty will be assessed. You can see that amount at the bottom of the worksheet. DO NOT check a month without insurance if it will be covered by an exemption or is unaffordable.
    • Feb 11: Jerry is out. Mark is out and Skeeter will sub.
    • Still 1 volunteer short this week with a full schedule of appointments. In fact our appointments are already filled through March 11th!

I have come down with the cold going around citrus county. May not make it to HPL on Wednesday. Barry


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