• Based on the incorrect data that the Marketplace sent out to MANY TP’ers

    If someone comes in with a 1095-A, ask if they have an online sign-on to Healthcare.gov.  

    1. If they do, have them sign on to see if they have the message that their 1095-A is incorrect
      1. If they do not, prepare the return normally
      2. If they do, prepare the entire return, have it QRed and put it on hold until they get the corrected 1095-A.  When they get it, the return should take less than 10 minutes to complete
    2. If they do not, go to https://www.healthcare.gov/taxes/tools/silver/
      1. Find out the cost of the second lowest price silver plan
        1. If it agrees with that listed on their 1095-A, prepare the return normally
        2. If it does not, prepare the entire return, have it QRed and put it on hold until they get the corrected 1095-A.  When they get it, the return should take less than 10 minutes to complete
    3. In either event, alert them to the possibility that they will receive a corrected 1095-A.  If they do, they will need to return so that we can determine whether they will need to file an amended return.
    4. We may also try having the TP’er call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596  to request assistance.
    5. ***We may try to set up a computer and ask our amazing CF’s to monitor helping TP’ers with an online signon to help them go online and check if there is a problem on their 1095A.****
  • On Wednesday we filed 65 returns and helped a total of 104 people. Good job!
  • If you are NOT certain  where an entry goes or what to do with a tax form that does not look familiar,  GET HELP.
  • Please download this file which is the latest ACA Exemption Code Table for your p4012
  • Be on the lookout for possible EIC even if the client does NOT have children.
  • If there is a W2 and a box 12 code D, complete the f8880 to determine if a retirement credit applies. Box 14 FRS amounts DO NOT qualify for this credit.
  • Since Larry is on a 2 week cruise, I have been doing the efile submissions. We had 2 rejects. One was easy to fix with just a minor W2G mistype that I could correct and resend. The other was a dependent SS# issue that we will work out next week.
    • personnel out->sub
  • Jan(AM)/Judith(PM)->Betty will sub
  • Susan(AM)->Ellen will sub
  • Tom, Wes and Pat were originally to be out but now appear to be in??? Is that correct? Let me know.

FYI:This season, I have reduced our appointment load from 10 each hour to 9 to give us some breathing room, avoid backups , reduce frustration when the network slows, and allow us to take some walkup clients. Now you sometimes get a brief break in-between clients, and to avoid a backlog disaster if I cannot get a sub if one of us is out. Every week we have several people gone and I cannot always get subs. The other benefit is we seem to be finishing our client list just a bit after 6, rather than pushing the 7 pm closing of the library when we are more prone to make mistakes. We have also been able to free up more people to QR to help you with complicated returns and complete a return quicker.

  • this is the time of year we will get more complicated brokerage statements.
  • we have NOT been scanning the statements as TWO is still not accepting the pdf files and besides, it takes lots more time to scan.
  • remember to go through 1099B’s with a fine tooth comb. Use your highlighter.
  • there are many sub total and total lines. If you are using subtotals, be sure everything adds up in the end, use code M and attach the relevant 1099B page copies to the 8453 after checking the box on the top of sch D pg 1 in TWO.
  • markstein

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