Hi From Colorado

  • I have restocked the printer cart with about 1 million junk calories, so you should have plenty of sugar to keep you going while I am in Colorado.
  • As you probably all know, across the country many sites are reporting that values entered on returns are being dropped somehow before transmittal.   We have had several verified occurrences here in the county.
  • Wes is suggesting the following:
  1.     The Tracking Summary (stand alone as well as combo) in the Client Letters will now show the AGI along with the REFUND or Amt DUE.
  2.    Counselors should print the stand alone Tracking summary after doing a final check of their entries, before the QR checks the return.   The QR should then continue as normal if they find an error they should adjust the figures on the tracking summary.  When they are done and create the E-FILE, they should print the Client letter Combo as normal and compare the AGI and Refund/Amt Due to the original tracking summary.   Mark the combo as final tracking summary
  3.     If there is a difference,  not accounted for by a QR action, the return should be reviewed again and any change recorded and documented.
  4.    The two copies of the tracking summary (final) on top and given to the ERO for final check if necessary and normal recoding/destruction.
  5. ****Or before QR, record the AGI and REFUND amounts on the I&I sheet.

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Martie->Karen Rose


Catherine until 1 only





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