According to Larry we Efiled 72 returns and helped about 130 people last week with only 1 minor error that he could fix and 1 possible identity theft.

  • Out->in Mar 18
  • Catherine–?
  • Bob–>

Saturday Mar 21st we have a full schedule from 10 to 3 (last appointment)

  • The following people are scheduled to work:
  • Al Bates
  • Martie
  • Judith
  • Karen
  • Larry
  • Barry
  • Stephanie
  • Tom
  • Jerry
  • Hanh
  • Jan
  • Susan
  • Pat
  • Ellen
  • Rachel

If you used to ski and are interested, this is the link to my ski GoPro video from Vail.

my ski video



The end of the year Results and Awards Luncheon:

WHEN:                  April 22, 2015

TIME:                    11:30     Lunch starting at 12:00

WHERE:                Moose Lodge

1855 S. Sun coast Blvd.

Homosassa, FL 34448-1466

COST:                    $11.00

Sub Sandwiches being offered: Turkey === Beef === Ham

Sides: Potato Salad === Macaroni Salad === Chips === Pretzels

Beverage: === Ice Tea

From the proceeds collected we will be purchasing Coke Products, Strawberry Whip Cream Cake, and paper products.

Please turn in with your payment by April 8th.


Cut off and turn in with your funds.  Someone at each site will collect your money .

YOU’RE NAME:                 _________________________________________

Attending Y/N and indicate how many people Yes:  _____________   No:   _________

Please circle the Sub Sandwiches you want:

Turkey === Beef === Ham


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