• Hi HPL
  • We are in the home stretch now.


  • Martie->Skeeter
  • Catherine->Betty
  • Jan(AM)->
  • If a TP’er has a large excess ACA Premium Tax Credit you can try several strategies to reduce AGI:
  1. The TP’er, if eligible, can choose to add money to their IRA account and the adjustment will lower AGI.
  2. The TP’er, if they have education expenses, can choose to not take an Ed credit but instead try the tuition adjustment to lower AGI.
  • It is NOT your imagination; because of brokerage statements and K1’s our returns are getting more complicated this time of year.
  • If a brokerage statement has a good subtotal of covered transactions (no wash or other adjustments) you can directly enter the amounts on sch D line 1a or 8a.
  • Other subtotals will need to go on cap gains wkst with code m and check the box on sch d for 8453 if attaching documents or the box to attach a pdf if we have the time to scan the docs.
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