Hi All

one more reminder:

Training Materials:
Please hold on to your hard copy evergreen Pubs 4491 and 4491W and other training materials for next year.
Pub 17 etc.
Bette and I just returned from a quick camping trip to Ft De Soto, great camping sites and beautiful location for riding a bike, short hikes, beaches and kayaking.


Again, thanks so much for putting up with LOTS of work, slow computers and internet, ACA issues and ME  🙂

Don’t forget to submit your mileage online through the AARP Volunteers portal ASAP.

I have an LC meeting at the Moose tomorrow morning but then I must leave to start a camping trip so I will probably miss seeing you at the lunch.

Have a great summer filled with fun stuff. I will be heading back to the mountains of Colorado by June, then I plan on hiking the haute route in Switzerland in August from Mt Blanc to the Matterhorn. If I survive that, Bette and I will wander around the south of Italy in November.

I will see many of you again in December at the HPL  online refresher workshop and I will be teaching a 2 day review class in January.

Happy Trails…..


  • Just one more day to go.
  • Please DO NOT forget to update your mileage log and after our last day, be sure to press the submit button.
  • I plan on having pizza delivered at noon for lunch for all of us so bring your appetite!
  • Please leave a reply below on things I should include in training next year, while confusing or difficult content is fresh in your memory.
  • Also, leave me comments on how to make this weekly BLOG more useful as a communication tool.
  • You have been a wonderful team to work with this year at HPL.
  • THANKS THANKS THANKS for all that you do for the 100’s of people we have helped this year.129787_600


End of Year Tax Stuff we may see:

  1. f4868 to file for an extension for up to 6 months-can efile, but TPer should pay as much as possible of what they owe.
  2. If TP’er owes money and cannot pay, Call TP’er advocate 877 777-4778
  3. If TP’er can pay within 120 days, call 800 829-1040 to establish a request to pay in full.
  4. f9465 can efile, for an installment agreement. Fee can range from $105 for payroll deduction, $52 for direct debit or $43 for low income TP’er.
  5. Credit or debit card payment . TP’er must go to irs.gov and choose a payment processor. There are fees.

Don’t forget, begin to update your mileage online at the AARP volunteers Portal at:


C U at breakfast at Luigi’s, tomorrow at 8:30:)



  • Out Wed Apr 8->In
  • Jan->
  • To celebrate our last Saturday, please join me for breakfast at
  • Luigis, at 8:30, on me 🙂
  • Saturday, Apr 11 staffing
  • Jen B 10-1:30–>Judith 1:30-5
  • Catherine 10-1:30–>Young H 1:30-5
  • 10-5 the following people:
  • RAB
  • Jeanne K
  • Karen
  • Larry
  • Barry
  • Steph
  • Tom
  • Hanh
  • Jerry

Susan, Rachel, Ellen and Pat I know you will work out your schedules.

  • Last Wednesday we served 115 clients and efiled 31 joint returns and 35 single returns.

Add this web site to your bag of tricks to help determine if someone is a dependent:

Reimbursement Time-start completing the online process.

Select reimbursements and then you must decide on Flat Rate or mileage.

  • If using mileage you must record the date of each training and tax counseling session as well as round trip miles.