You were fantastic in getting through our first day. Lots of new stuff, some complicated issues due to ACA, but we never fell behind.

On Saturday we have a full schedule from 10-4:30.
Please be at HPL by 9:30 to setup and be ready to go by 10.
Saturday Volunteers:
Susan, Rachel, Pat and Rich

Rebecca, Jen, Shirley, Judith, Catherine, Karen, Larry, Barry, Hanh

We really need 1 more but this is it so far! Be ready to rock and roll.




Question came up today at Floral City about “can we e-file prior year returns?”

We can efile current year and two prior tax years. To be safe, we had the TP mail the returns, which in this case was good. I called CCH tonight, and the rep said that at the moment prior year returns are not being accepted due to an unresolved issue, and that if we would have tried to e-file, we would have gotten an error message. She said CCH is expecting to resolve this issue soon, and that an announcement would probably be posted on their blog at that time.
We also had numerous returns that when we tried to create the e-file, it was not allowed, and the status was “E-file not created”. Sometimes multiple e-file tries and much waiting time worked, sometimes not.

Also, every few minutes try using F5 to refresh so the system does not time out.

Also a reminder about persons filing just for identity theft reasons. If they $0 AGI, the system will not allow you to e-file. Insert $1 directly on Page 1, Line 8 Taxable Interest, and the return will e-file.


Please use the DropBox Tab in the menu bar above, or the links below,  to download several important resources:

01.New Chart of Federal Poverty Guidelines needed for ACA

02.TY2014 Counselor Procedures


An important reminder: our client ID is 219907 at HPL

If you were in the review class, your same password that you used in class should work.

If you were not in the review class your user name is your first password then you will be forced to change it.




Our appointments for our first week (Wednesday and Saturday) of the tax season are FULL!! Sharpen your pencils and put fresh batteries in your calculators!

Each week, please check the tab for the current Tax-Alerts, they are required reading of all Tax-Aide volunteers.

1.  As an experiment, our district will participate in the Out of State Return Prep Pilot Program.  Last year we reported preparing 67 state returns but, of course, the stats don’t include how many taxpayers with state reporting requirements we turned away.  The pilot program will allow us to assist taxpayers from Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  I know you work with taxpayers from other states but, for ty2014, these are the only states in scope.  Lets get a week under our belt before I give you more information about the process.

2. The suggested FL1 method of handing underpayment penalties now ensures we alert our taxpayers that they may be assessed a penalty and that we stay in scope. If there is a potential penalty, Form 2210 will be added to the tree automatically and turn red.  After adding the actual amount of ty2013 tax on Page 1, Part II, line 8, look at Page 2, Part III, Line 17.  If there is a penalty, tell the taxpayer the amount then go back to pg 1, Part II, and replace the actual ty2013 tax on line 8 with $1.00..  This will eliminate the penalty and Form 2210 will not be transmitted to the IRS.  

3. For a number of years, we have said that direct deposit to a savings account is out of scope.  It turns out that that is not correct.  We can do direct deposit to a savings account.  The rules are the same as for a checking account – we either need to see the routing and account numbers on a check or on a bank letter, etc.

4. Please try to get to HPL early as the first day is ALWAYS kind of chaotic.




This year, I will post my weekly information about how things are going at HPL; site, tips, information, etc on my new HPL Tax-Aide Blog.
I have created this site as a tool to make it easier for you to find information and NEVER LOSE EMAILS!!
The Blog will have all the HPL communication on the first page, most recent information first.
The tabs on the top of the Home Page will take you to the following pages:
Resources-a link to a dropbox account where I store useful files and they are easy to download. Links to the online pension calculator, ACA Affordability Calculator and Dependent Qualification Calculator. Try them out!
VOLUNTEERS-this tab is protected with a password: _see separate email___ it has a list of all volunteers with their contact info. If you know you will be gone for a week IT WOULD GREATLY HELP ME IF YOU CONTACT SOMEONE YOU KNOW IN THE PROGRAM AND GET YOUR OWN SUBSTITUTE AHEAD OF TIME-for a last minute kind of illness, just let me know ASAP and I will shake the volunteer tree for you and find a replacement. Remember, with our appointments full each week, when you are gone a replacement must be found and of course EACH of us will miss a session or 2 during the season. So that we don’t overstep each other, when you know you will be gone and have a replacement let me know. I don’t want to get in the way if you have already found your replacement)
CyberTax Alerts-as I get them I will post them here.
The link to the Blog is
 What I expect each of you to do is to signup and be FOLLOWERS of the Blog. IN that way, whenever I post something to the site, you will get an automatic email letting you know something new has been added to the Blog.
It is easy to signup and become a follower of the HPL Tax-Aide Blog.
2. on the right side of the home page is a box headed FOLLOW BLOG BY EMAIL.
3. Enter you email address in the box. (please use your normal email address for this as I will remove BLOG access to strangers I do not recognize)
4, Press the red FOLLOW button.
5. then you will see this message on the screen: Thanks for subscribing! You’ll get an email with a link to confirm your subscription. If you don’t get it, please contact us.
6. IN a few minuets you will get an email :

subject:Confirm your subscription for HPL Tax-Aide blog‏

7. Open the email. To activate you must press the button labeled  : Confirm Follow
8. That will take you to a page where you can manage your subscription-select the HPL Tax-Aide Blog, please choose either Immediate or daily delivery of message. NOT WEEKLY.
9. Then press button, Save Changes.
10. Finally,  you will get another email , subject:

[Subscribe] Confirmed Subscription to Posts on HPL Tax-Aide blog

saying: Congratulations, you are now subscribed to the site HPL Tax-Aide blog(https://taxaidecitrus.wordpress.com) and will receive an email notification when a new post is made.
This is an experiment this season to see if it facilitates communication. When I post something on the Blog, you can reply on the Blog and leave a question or comment and I will see it and can reply back with further clarification.
The obvious limitation to online communication is to remember that our clients data is ALWAYS confidential information. NO NAMES!!!!
Also, this is NOT a place to air complaints, that is done most effectively face to face.
This is about instruction, information, clarification, improving communication.


HPL Tax Site @ Homosassa Library, 4100 South Grandmarch Avenue, Homosassa, FL

Schedule: wednesday,10am- 7pm,Feb 4,11, 18, 25,Mar 4, 11, 18, 25,Apr 1, 8, 15
9:30-2 2-7 pm
Rebecca Bachman Rebecca Bachman
Jen Barber Wes Brockway
Martie Bollman-Jarrell Martie Bollman-Jarrell
Catherine Clarke Catherine Clarke
Bob Kegan Judith Callison
Karen Mondrall Karen Mondrall
Barry Schwartz Barry Schwartz
Stephanie StClair Stephanie StClair
Tom StClair Tom StClair
Jerry Thompson Jerry Thompson
Frank Tobin Frank Tobin
Deborah Thomas Mark Joyce
Jan Winters
Schedule: Saturdays 10-5 (shifts TBD)Feb 7, Mar 21 and Apr 11
Rebecca Bachman
Jennifer Barber
Al Bates——-Mar 21 only
Martie Bollman-Jarrell
Shirley Burkhardt
Judith Callison
Catherine Clarke
Young Han——Apr 11 only
Jeanne Kopicki
Karen Mondrall
Larry Schwalbe
Barry Schwartz
Stephanie StClair
Tom StClair
Jerry Thompson
Allan Turska
Hanh Vu